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Send Questions and Feedback to PSIPM

PSIPM is always concerned about any issues or complaints its clients may have. It is PSIPM’s objective to resolve all issues or complaints immediately, if possible, and within ten business days of being reported if possible. The issue should be reported to Roy Mathena, President of PSI Project Management, by completing the “Issues/Complaint Form.” which is downloadable from www.psipm.com. The completed form should be emailed to [email protected]. Receipt of the form will be acknowledged, and after careful investigation, a response will be provided to the sender by the President. The goal is for all issues/complaints to be resolved and agreed to by both parties.

The client agrees that any dispute which cannot be resolved between the parties, client, and PSIPM will be handled under the jurisdiction of the State of South Carolina, preferably through generally accepted alternative dispute resolution methods. Litigation is not preferred and is the last alternative if the complaint cannot be resolved at the school level through its complaint procedure; the students may contact the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. The form is available on the Commission’s website at http://www.che.sc.gov/CHE_Docs/AcademicAffairs/License/Complaint_procedures_and_form.pdf.