Student Enrollment Agreement, Warranties, Terms & Conditions

PSI Project Management, Inc.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (864) 915-7808

Included in Cost:

  • Live Virtual Classroom Instruction
  • Textbooks
  • Workbook (As Appropriate)
  • Handouts (As Appropriate)

Additional Items Included in Cost for Advanced Project Management Training Program

  • Instructor Facilitated Precourse Training
  • Flashcards
  • Audio Downloads
  • On-line PMP/CAPM Test Simulator

*Copy of the PMBOK® Guide is not included in the cost. Recommend becoming a PMI member and downloading the electronic version of the PMBOK® Guide.

Additional Cost Associated With Certifications:
If the student is going to take a Project Management Institute Certification Exam, there will be additional costs that must be paid by the student directly to PMI. Visit under the appropriate certification to determine the exam fee that would be required.

Equipment Requirements for Courses:
To participate in the virtual classes, all students must have the following:

  • Quiet Workspace
  • Computer
  • Network Connectivity
    ◦ Adequate for Zoom Participation
    ◦ Adequate for Interactive Online Test
    ◦ Adequate for Viewing Online Videos
  • Software to Include:
    ◦ PDF Reader/Form Filler, Such as Adobe
    ◦ Microsoft Word or Equivalent
    ◦ Microsoft Excel Workbook or Equivalent

Attendance and Conduct:
All students are expected to be on time and attend the course completely to receive a certificate of completion. If a need arises for a student to be absent for a period of time, they should notify the instructor and make arrangements for that part of the class to be recorded. Upon request, the instructor will record that portion and provide the student with the video link for the make-up study.

All students are expected to maintain professional conduct during all classes.
If students must leave the class for some reason, such as sickness, emergency, etc., they will be allowed to retake the course or the part of the class they missed, student’s

PSI Project Management's Course Warranty:
PSIPM under no circumstances warrants that students taking the certification courses, Advanced Project Management Training Program, will pass the PMP® or CAPM® exams. The curriculum for the course covers the subject materials and provides the methodology and instruction required to enable the student to pass the specific exam. If the student takes the exam within 30 days of completion of this course and is unable to pass it, the student may participate in another class. Some fees may apply if course materials have changed. Attendance will be scheduled in the earliest available class, depending on class availability and the number of students scheduled for the class.

PSI Project Management's Refund Policy:
Refund or cancelation is requested by the student - A $50 processing fee will be charged if the student cancels the class prior to five days before the course is to start. No refunds or cancelations will be made within five days of the course start date. If the student is unable to attend the course, the substitution of another person may be made, or the student may reschedule to a later course.

Should it be necessary for a student to withdraw from the course for unforeseen mitigating circumstances, such as sickness, emergencies, etc., the student may request a refund. The refund will be made on a prorated basis of where the student is currently in the class, and the cost of books will also be subtracted from the refund amount. The student also has the option of rescheduling to a future class. If the textbooks and material change, the student will be required to pay for the new textbooks and material. In addition to the above, a $100 processing fee will be charged for all early withdrawals or cancelations after the class has started.

The course is canceled by PSIPM - All classes are guaranteed to run unless there are special mitigating circumstances, such as sickness, emergencies, etc.

Should it be necessary for PSIPM to cancel the class for some reason, such as above, the student will be contacted by phone, text, or email. A make-up course will be scheduled as soon as possible.

If the student requests a refund if a course is canceled, a full refund will be made, and the return of books will be required if the student has not used them. If they have been used, the cost of the books will be deducted from the refunded amount.

Job Placement:
PSIPM does not provide job placement services.
Completion of project management training classes does not guarantee employment.

Continuous Improvement:
PSIPM is committed to continuous improvement of each course it offers. Feedback from each student is requested through a course survey which is issued to the student at the end of the class, and the information provided by the student is used to improve the appropriate course.

PSI Project Management’s Issue/Complaint Resolution Policy:
PSI Project Management is always concerned about any issues or complaints its clients may have. It is PSIPM’s objective to resolve all issues or complaints immediately, if possible, and within ten business days of being reported, if possible. The issue should be reported to Roy Mathena, President of PSI Project Management, by completing the “Issues/Complaint Form,” which is downloadable from The completed form should be emailed to [email protected]. Receipt of the form will be acknowledged, and after careful investigation, a response will be provided to the sender by the President. The goal is for all issues/complaints to be resolved and agreed to by both parties.

To access the form, go to:

The client agrees that any dispute which cannot be resolved between the parties, client, and PSIPM will be handled under the jurisdiction of the State of South Carolina, preferably through generally accepted alternative dispute resolution methods. Litigation is not preferred and is the last alternative.

Hours Earned for Courses:
PSIPM courses are not generally transferable to other institutions. The exception would be contact hours of training that are required by the Project Management Institute for the Project Management Professional exam and the Certified Associate in Project Management exam. The hours earned through PSIPM courses can be used to satisfy the prerequisite project management contact hours of training that are required for these certifications.

Truth in Lending:
All payments are due at the time of registration. PSIPM will not embellish course information or provide information to the student that is not substantiated.


Roy L. Mathena, PMP, ATI
PSI Project Management
Phone: (864) 915-7808 Email: [email protected]

PSI Project Management will not release personal information to other organizations or individuals without written consent of the party. Exception is if the information is required by a government agency and PSIPM must release the information to them to be compliant with their regulations and requirements.